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Valumax Series
Water Softener

760 Close Up

Valumax™ Autotrol High Flow Water Softeners

Valumax™ 268/740 and 268/760 Standard Features (All Units):
• True 1" Flow Throughout System
• Flow Rate Up To 25 GPM
• Only two moving parts in the water stream
• Easy to program
• Includes Brine Well and Safety Brine Valve Assembly
• Economy Priced with Premium Features
• NOVRAM Memory with Super Capacitor Backup assures all critical information is stored, even during power outages
• 12 Volt UL/CSA Electrical System with 12’ Cord (No Danger of Electrical Shock)
• Upper Distributor Prevents Loss of Resin to Service or Drain
• Warranty - 10 Years on Resin Tank, Brine Tank, 5 Years on Electronics, Valves and All Other Parts

268/740 LOGIX Valve System Features: (Not for California Installation)
• Time Clock - 7 day Clock, Calendar Override from 1-99 days
• Digital Display * In service display will toggle between time of day and gallons remaining.

268/760 LOGIX Valve System Features:
• Electronic Meter Control (No Gears -No Mechanical Drives)
• Digital Display * In service display will toggle between time of day and gallons remaining.
• 28 Day Variable Reserve (For Greater Efficiency) - learns your water usage;
Calender Override ;Customer lockout
• Salt settings in 1 pound increments
• Optional no-salt detector

Valumax Optional Features:
• Tank Jackets
• Remote mounting of face plate inside house available [remote mounting kit required]
• Turbulator Distributor * remote mounting kit * Cabinet model available

Tube Adapters, Bypass & Drain Fittings
Call for Other Sizes and Configurations

Valumax 268/740 Logix - Electronic Clock Control
(Not For California Installation)
Description Part #
1.0 CUFT; 30K; 268-740; RT 9X48; BT1434 CVM-HF-1.0-740
1.5CUFT; 45K; 268-740; RT10X54; BT14X34 CVM-HF-1.5-740
2.0CUFT;60K;268-740; RT12X52; BT18X40 CVM-HF-2.0-740
Valumax 268/762 Logix - Advanced Electronic Metered Control
Description Part #
1.0CUFT;30K;268-762; RT9X48; BT14X34 CVM-HF-1.0-760
1.5CUFT; 45K; 268-762; RT10X54; BT14X34 CVM-HF-1.5-760
2.0CUFT;60K;268-762; RT12X52; BT18X40 CVM-HF-2.0-760
3.0CUFT; 90K; 268-762; RT14x65; BT18x40 CVM-HF-3.0-760