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MATRIKX powered by GreenBlock

This webinar will illustrate how the performance and quality control of Matrikx products can help you gain consumer confidence to create more sales and profits.

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Water Softening (The Basics) part 1

This presentation titled The Basics, is a great introduction for those new to our industry, or water softening in general. The Basics will also be helpful in preparing everyone for the more in-depth technical presentations to follow.

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Water Softening (The Basics+) part 2

This is the follow-up to The Basics webinar previously presented. This webinar titled The Basics +, will discuss softener system capacities, salt efficiency, different types of softener systems, and prepare you for the third segment on water softeners to follow in a future webinar.

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Water Softening (Well...Now You Know It All !) part 3

This presentation will touch on Ion Exchange resins. We will discuss how water quality affects these resins. We will experience actual technical education on what water softening resin is, from an expert. Our guest speaker, Mike Weatherill from Purolite Resin, will share his knowledge with us.

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