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Valumax Backwashing System

Valumax™ Autotrol Backwashing Filter Systems

• Filter media selection is based on application.
• Media data sheets are available through customer service if required.
• Backwashing filters shown represent common sizes and media choices.
• Other sizes and media selections are available.


• Install parts (bypass valve, tube adapter kits, drain fittings) are not included with units. These must be ordered separately and are listed at the end of this section.
• Backwash flow rates should be considered for drain pipe sizing and should typically be 3/4” OD or larger.
• Units up to 2 cubic feet (12” x 52” media tank) are shipped with media loaded. Larger systems have media packaged separately which must be loaded on site.

Tube Adapters, Bypass & Drain Fittings

Carbon Filters

• Chlorine reduction
• Taste and odor reduction
• Reduction of chemical by-products of chlorination, pesticides, herbicides and other organic chemicals
• 3 cycle operation - Backwash, Fast rinse, Service
• 742 professional electronic time clock control
• Carbon works by chemical adsorption, and will need periodic replacement to maintain effectiveness

Valumax 263/742 Time Clock Control (Logix) - Backwashing Filters

Carbon Filters
Description Part #
1.0CUFT;CARBON;263-742;;RT 9X48 CFM-1.0-263-CARBON
1.5CUFT;CARBON;263-742 ;RT 10X54 CFM-1.5-263-CARBON
2.0CUFT;CARBON;263-742 ;RT 12X52 CFM-2.0-263-CARBON
3.0CUFT;CARBON;263-742 ;RT 14X65 CFM-3.0-263-CARBON
4.0CUFT;CARBON;263-742 ;RT 16X65 CFM-4.0-263-CARBON

Catalytic Carbon Filters

• Chloramine reduction
• Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide removal (typically requires air injection)
• 3 cycle operation - Backwash, Fast rinse, Service
• 742 professional electronic time clock control

Catalytic Carbon Filters - Chloramine Reduction
Description Part #
1.0CUFT;CATALYTIC CARB;263-742;;RT 9X48 CFM-1.0-263-MC1240
1.5CUFT;CATALYTIC CARB;263-742 ;RT 10X54 CFM-1.5-263-MC1240
2.0CUFT;CATALYTIC CARB;263-742 ;RT 12X52 CFM-2.0-263-MC1240
3.0CUFT;CATALYTIC CARB;263-742 ;RT 14X65 CFM-3.0-263-MC1240
4.0CUFT;CATALYTIC CARB;263-742 ;RT 16X65 CFM-4.0-263-MC1240

Nexsand Filters

• Turbidity reduction providing filtration down to 3-5 micron
• High service flow
• Removal of precipitated material after chemical feed (chlorine, peroxide, etc)
• Durable, long lasting media (typically 5+ years)
• 3 cycle operation - Backwash, Fast rinse, Service
• 742 professional electronic time clock control

Nexsand Filters
Description Part #
.75CUFT; NEXSAND; 263-742; RT 8X44 CFM-.75-263-NEXSAND
1.0CUFT; NEXSAND; 263-742; RT 9X48 CFM-1.0-263-NEXSAND
1.5CUFT;NEXSAND;263-742; RT10X54 CFM-1.5-263-NEXSAN
2.0CUFT; NEXSAND; 263-742; RT 12X52 CFM-2.0-263-NEXSAND
3.0CUFT; NEXSAND; 263-742; RT 14X65 CFM-3.0-263-NEXSAND

Greensand Plus Filters

• Removal of Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide, Arsenic and Radium
• Effective over a broad pH range
• Batch regeneration
• Includes 10”x16” potassium permanganate feeder tank.
• 5 cycle operation - Backwash, Chem Draw, Fast rinse, Refill, Service
• 742 professional electronic time clock control

Greensand Filters
Description Part #
1.0CUFT;GRNSAND;268-742; RT 9X48 CFM-1.0-268-GRNSAND
1.5CUFT;GRNSAND;268-742;  RT 10X54 CFM-1.5-268-GRNSAND
2.0CUFT;GRNSAND;268-742; RT 12X52 CFM-2.0-268-GRNSAND

Birm Filters & Air Injection Parts

• Iron and Manganese removal (requires presence of dissolved oxygen in water)
• Chemical free operation
• Typically used with air injector (installed ahead of well pressure tank) and air contact tank with off gas vent.
• Not suitable for use with chlorine or other chemical feed systems.
• 3 cycle operation - Backwash, Fast rinse, Service
• 742 professional electronic time clock control

Birm Filters & Air Injection Parts
Description Part #
1.0CUFT;BIRM;263-742; RT948 CFM-1.0-263-BIRM
1.5CUFT;BIRM;263-742 ;RT1054 CFM-1.5-263-BIRM
2.0CUFT;BIRM;263-742; RT1252 CFM-2.0-263-BIRM
CT-40 RETENTION TANK, 16X53 31608